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Monday, February 8, 2010

And We're Back...Soon!

Edit: Make that midnight tonight. Sorry about that.


I hope everyone has had a restful couple of months. Joe and I have been on break for a while, but (and I can barely believe this) school started back up a couple weeks ago, and so has Chronopolis. However, these new weeks of Chronopolis have not been posted yet. What gives?

Well, a couple of things. One, Joe and I are both hard at work on our senior theses, and we've honestly had to cut a couple corners and shift around some priorities of late. Thus, I haven't gotten around to taking the ten or so minutes required to upload the new comics and publish a post. My bad.

Also, there are some small tweaks that need to be made to the versions that were originally published in the Harvard Crimson. I figured that we might as well wait until these changes are made to post the comics. It's like the old adage: "measure draw twice, cut publish online once!"

Anyway, the latest three weeks will all go online at noon this Friday. So stay tuned!

Oh, and one other thing to announce. For those of you who absolutely loved the absurd self-indulgence that was Astounding Annotations, in which I painstakingly broke down all my esoteric in-jokes and pretentious "themes", I have a real treat in store for you. Joe and I are going to record a podcast or two that breaks down Chronopolis day by day, panel by panel. Expect that to start up in mid March.

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